Your search engine optimisation strategies can be helped immeasurably by making an effort with your company’s social marketing. The more you understand about social media outlets like Digg, Yelp,, Facebook and more, the better for you SEO performance.

Social media is part of SEO and shouldn’t be dismissed as a vehicle to broadcast your dinner plans and other mundane information to the world; social media is infinitely more important than that. Not only does social marketing allow you to interact with your customer base but it also bolsters all of your SEO strategies.

Every page of every social media profile is another opportunity to produce descriptive, keyword rich text to draw the attention of the search engines; which in turn offers the potential for your company to not only appear highly within search engine ranked results, but also to appear more than once. There is the potential for sites such as your Facebook profile to rank highly within keyword relevant search results independently of your main website.

Another great benefit of a strong, multi faceted social marketing campaign is the number of links back to your website from each of these popular and highly respected internet outlets. Inbound links are another important determining factor in the process of ranking your website within a list of search returns.

It pays to be forward thinking in the SEO game and by embracing the highly profitable social media trend you can successfully bolster your search engine optimisation campaign. Create company profiles on Twitter, Digg, Yelp,, Facebook and others, take the time to understand them, to successfully benefit from them, optimise each page for search; we guarantee you’ll reap the benefits.