The term “one size fits all” is a cookie cutter approach to design. That may be a fine approach if the product you’re making is ladies hosiery, but it is a near impossibility to manufacturer quality windows using a “one size fits all” mentality. No one knows that more than the design experts at Windtek Windows and Doors Limited (, makers of fine custom-designed windows in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years.

     It’s obvious that homes come in all shapes and sizes, from unique country mansions built on sprawling estates to identical suburban townhouses crammed into endless rows of 10 metre wide lots – each constructed using a different set of building codes. In addition, window frames that were installed square and true 100 years ago might not “measure up” to a good 90-degree angle test a century later. Those two factors alone make custom design windows the best bet for new home construction and older home retrofits – and Windtek is the best bet for either need.

     For starters, the experts at Windtek Windows and Doors Limited custom build all windows in their own factory located locally in Woodbridge ( That means quick turnaround time from the moment their installers take their first exacting measurement of your frame to the time they get the windows installed in your home. Everything is manufactured to your specifications and sold with  factory-direct prices – also custom-designed to save you money. It’s a window of opportunity for you to add lasting value and energy efficiency to your home.



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