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Blogs can be an exceptional tool in your content marketing strategy. Whether specific to your business or simply relevant content, I can craft engaging, informative, keyword rich blogs you can share to  enhance your inbound marketing efforts.

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Increase organic traffic to your website through development of professionally written content. I can give a consistent voice to your web page content, effectively telling your story while enhancing your online presence.


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As a former journalist and author of 12 books, I can create highly informative and entertaining feature articles for your internal publications, external communication platforms or other print  materials

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Let me work with your design team to create exciting corporate communication and marketing materials for digital download or face-to-face distribution at events. From flyers to unique promotional handouts, let me craft something worth keeping.

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Get credible, well-articulated and informative reviews written for your products and services. Let’s tell your story in an engaging and provocative manner with reviews that will help the good news about your products go viral.

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As an award-winning creative director and professional copywriter, I can develop one-off scripts or entire campaigns for print, traditional broadcast platforms including radio and TV, video scripts and digital ad campaigns.


I am a wordsmith. Words are the tools of my trade. I wield them with precision and creativity to help create exceptional marketing and communication pieces, public relations materials, SEO content, promotional campaigns, advertising materials and more. Based in Niagara, serving clients around the world. Writing, editing and proofreading services available.

There are no excuses for sharing bad content on your site or through your marketing and communication materials.
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Dewey Bunnell: Captain AMERICA

By David DeRocco  As a country America may have a bit of an international image problem right now. But as the band who hit #1 with “Sister Golden Hair,” AMERICA is still infinitely more popular internationally than the country’s golden-haired tin-man of a POTUS will...

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Emilio Castillo: Tower of Power’s Head Horn

By David DeRocco    As an aspiring 17 year old musician living in Oakland TOWER OF POWER founder Emilio Castillo had a rather modest dream for his career. “When I started out in 1968 there was a band called The Spiders we used to go see that got a gig in Sacramento,”...

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Eddie Money: Paradise Found

By David DeRocco   If you’re heading to Fallsview Casino this weekend chances are you’re going to leave with less money than you walked in with – unless you’ve got two tickets to the musical paradise called the Avalon Ballroom. In that case, you’ll be leaving with...

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SNL Alumni Kevin Nealon

By David DeRocco   “When I see someone who is just going out to a comedy club for the first time I think, ‘wow, what rock have you been under,’” laughs versatile American funnyman and Saturday Night Live alumni Kevin Nealon. “There’s really kind of been a resurgence...

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Martin Barre: Taking Roads Less Travelled

BY DAVID DeROCCO  It’s a funny thing. You won’t find his name on the list of Top 100 Guitarists compiled by such supposedly learned rock mags as Rolling Stone, Spin or Kerrang!. Nor will you find it on similar lists assembled by musician trade mags like Guitar World...

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Jay Leno: Still A Stand Up Guy

By David DeRocco“I’m always happy to talk to the enemy, Canada,” laughs legendary late night host and comedian, Jay Leno, acknowledging the fact he’s being interviewed by a citizen from a rogue nation at war with his president. “It’s hilarious. It’s either...

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Hank Thorn – SIU Expert

By David DeRocco For a guy who has earned a living being meticulously slow and methodical in the execution of his departmental duties, forensic investigator Hank Thorne could be on record as having experienced the shortest retirement in Hamilton Police Services...

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By David DeRocco                  Determining the true human cost of war is not as simple as totalling the number of military and civilian lives lost in the conflict. Returning soldiers – and in truth, all active military personnel fortunate enough to make it home –...

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BILLY TALENT: Reaching New Heights

By David DeRocco  With no disrespect intended to any group of musicians who have, through the consequence of recent events related to their lead singer, been branded as “Canada’s band,”  I present to you a set of empirical facts for your consideration. Since the...

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Tim Hicks: Giving Canadian Country the Shakes

By David DeRocco  When you hail from Niagara, you know that September is time for the harvest. So it makes sense that a country star like Tim Hicks would pick September to harvest the crop of songs he’d been tending too during five months of intensive writing and...

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TPOH’s Moe Berg: Finding Happiness

By David DeRocco As an insightful young songwriter, Moe Berg managed – in one perfectly crafted song – to  capture the inherent frustrations and stark realities involved in accepting the responsibilities of adulthood.  Now, as he sits halfway through his life as a...

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The Trews: Homeward Bound

By David DeRocco Colin MacDonald probably wasn’t thinking about his music when he originally sat down with his bandmates in THE TREWS to write the single “Man of Two Minds” for their 2008 album No Time For Later. Yet 14 years and five albums into their amazing career,...

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Tim Hicks: Homegrown Country Comes Back Home

By David DeRocco At the time of our conversation, Tim Hicks and his band are rolling toward Vancouver, three weeks into a rollicking road trip dubbed the “Get A Little Crazy Tour 2015.” Does the “crazy” in the tour name reflect the fact this Canadian country music...

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Great Canadian Campout – CWF & Johnny Reid

CLIENT:   Canadian Wildlife Federation                                                                                                                                                                                WRITTEN BY: David DeRocco PSA:          GREAT CANADIAN...

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Six Degrees of Paul Rodgers

By David DeRocco Paul Rodgers is one highly connected rock superstar. Not in the stereotypical “Sopranos” kind of connection, although he might very well be. More in the “six degrees of separation” kind of way, with Rodgers at the centre of an inspired universe you...

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SCRIPT:   PARIS STAMPEDE DAYS WRITER:  DAVID DeROCCO FX: (HEART POUNDING IN B.G., LOUD IN THPE MIX; RISING DRONE) Some come to defy gravity; others come to defy death. But you – you only need to come to experience heart-stopping, mind blowing excitement….. !!!! (FX:...

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Russel Stampede Days 2014

PRESS RELEASE 2014 STAMPEDE DAYS BRINGS BULLS & BIKES TO RUSSELL IN SUPPORT OF SPECIAL OLYMPICS ONTARIO (Tuesday, May 20 – Russell) The most dangerous sport in the world – bull riding -- makes its return to Russell Fairgrounds along with Jordan Szoke, Canada’s...

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You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat: Stories about Food in Modern Times by David DeRocco is a reproducible book that includes engaging stories  relating to modern food issues and food production. The stories are written at an intermediate level. The book covers a broad range of...

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The Vocabulary Diet

The Vocabulary Diet series, written by DAVID DeROCCO, includes three books. Each ESL textbook includes 30 reproducible units, with 5 new vocabulary words studied in each. Each unit in these ESL materials begins by studying the dictionary definitions of five words....

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The International Holiday & Festival Primer

The International Holiday & Festival Primer, written by DAVID DeROCCO,  is the first in a two book series of reproducible low level reading and discussion ESL textbooks. These ESL materials are designed to help teach E.S.L. students about holy days and cultural...

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Canada: From Sea to Sea to Sea

Canada From Sea to Sea to Sea, written by DAVID DeROCCO, is a reproducible ESL/EFL/LITERACY reading-and-discussion text. Each unit examines a topic designed to educate people interested in learning about Canada or, more important, in becoming a citizen of Canada. It...

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Stories for the New Millennium

Stories for the New Millennium by David DeRocco is a fifty unit reproducible book for teaching E.S.L. reading. This textbook will make for lively discussion in your E.S.L. class. The articles in Stories for the New Millennium are short and written at a beginner level....

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Canadian Superlatives

Canadian Superlatives is a fifty unit reproducible reading and discussion text for teaching ESL. The articles in Canadian Superlatives are short and written at a beginner level. These fine ESL materials are complemented by a variety of exercises, with attention paid...

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Canada: Eh to Zed

CANADA FROM EH TO ZED by DAVID DeROCCO is the first in a four book series of reproducible low level ESL/EFL/Literacy reading and discussion texts for teaching ESL. Each unit in these ESL textbooks examines an element of the Canadian experience that will genuinely...

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Ten Things to Know About Pizza

When you’re a pizza aficionado in the Kingston area then you should already know all about Bubba’s Poutine and Pizzeria ( Bubba’s reputation for its in house homemade pizza sauce and dough recipe has made it a favourite of pizza lovers...

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Bubba’s – A Slice of History

When you place an order with Bubba’s Poutine and Pizzeria you’re not just getting a meal: you’re getting a slice of Doulas family history.  That’s the name behind one of Kingston’s favourite pizza restaurants, and their story is a typical immigrant tale of...

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Windtek Windows Shine

In our efforts to ensure we all do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle, we sometimes forget a simple truth: it’s also okay to buy things that are manufactured using only 100 percent new materials. That is one of the selling features of the products manufactured and...

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Custom Windows – The Right Fit

The term “one size fits all” is a cookie cutter approach to design. That may be a fine approach if the product you’re making is ladies hosiery, but it is a near impossibility to manufacturer quality windows using a “one size fits all” mentality. No one knows that more...

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The Santaland Diaries – On Stage

Pity poor Sarah Palin.    According to her new book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy,” the failed Republican stooge is distraught over the fact Americans are losing another war, this time on their own soil – the war on Christmas.  To loosely summarize the “book of Sarah,”...

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Pizza Sauce Pros – Bubba’s

Modern pizza lovers are an adventurous bunch, going to great lengths to add variety to their lists of preferred toppings. For example, amongst India’s Top 10 favourite pizza toppings you’ll find a trilogy of unconventional tastes that includes ginger, minced mutton...

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DIY Catering – Liaison College

There’s a buffet of opportunity waiting for you when you graduate from Kitchener’s Liaison College ( A full 94% of graduates find work in the culinary field. Making a choice of where to apply your skills is often the hardest decision....

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