Small business owners are using search engine optimization (SEO) more often and growing optimistic about the economy While the economy continues to sputter along, a growing number of small business owners are increasingly optimistic about the future with many already increasing their use of search engine optimization (SEO).

That’s the assessment of a study from Entrepreneur magazine which found that 42 percent of entrepreneurs said their business experience had been “not as bad as it could have been” over the last six months with another 25 percent saying they had done “surprisingly well.”

Although many have been forced to cut costs to make sure they stay afloat during the recent economic downturn, it appears that their spending on technology has not waned dramatically during that period.

The study found that 76 percent of entrepreneurs said they are putting more emphasis on the web, especially in the fields of marketing and sales. Of those increasing their use of the web, 42 percent said they had increased their use of search engine optimization (SEO) or worked on their website.

Although a growing number of small businesses appear to be using search engine optimization (SEO), some say many SMBs are missing the boat when it comes to the marketing tool.

In an interview earlier this year with, Andy Leff, CEO of 7 Mainstreet, said not using search engine optimization (SEO) was one of the biggest mistakes these businesses make when they create a website.