Hummingbird is Google’s latest algorithm update. Unlike previous Panda and Penguin updates, Hummingbird does not just address specific issues but instead entirely replaces parts of its former algorithm for a more involved long-term strategy that benefits its users. SEO company, CheckSite Websites & SEO, is altering its SEO campaigns to adapt to Google’s Hummingbird update and to continue providing its clients with the best service using advanced techniques and proven practices. With a proven record of success and access to the latest ideas and information on Internet marketing, CheckSite Websites & SEO provides customized marketing services to businesses and site owners.

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In the past, keyword data from visiting users provided critical information for site owners and SEO companies. However, with Hummingbird comes secure organic searches, which reduces the ability to identify site users’ needs and preferences. Page rank has also been eliminated, which can make it more difficult for some users to evaluate site quality. Hummingbird has also made it easier for users to enter conversational search queries and receive appropriate results. Google users may find this to be a highly beneficial change, but it does affect the way SEO companies work.

While SEO continues to play a valuable role in ensuring the success of a website, high-quality content that features in-depth articles may ultimately rank more highly. This allows users to find either superficial information about a topic or more focused information on a single topic. Hummingbird also makes it easier for mobile users to enter voice searches by responding to natural speech patterns and queries.

CheckSite Websites & SEO, experienced Internet marketing company, recommends that clients take a more strategic approach with their SEO efforts. Understanding the target market, establishing authority, improving visibility and offering high-quality, relevant content will keep site visitors coming back for more while a properly constructed and optimized site will attract the search engines. To learn more, visit