You want to commit to taking music lessons. What you don’t want, however, is the commitment to buying an instrument before you’re sure you will even enjoy learning to play it. There is a very simple solution to this age old problem: enroll for music lessons at the Cambridge Conservatory of Music (

The CCOM offers a unique “Introductory Package” designed to ease your worries about having to purchase an instrument in advance of enrolling for music lessons. Simply sign up and pay for eight weeks of introductory lessons at the Conservatory’s regular low price. Your enrolment includes a tote bag you keep, and you will be given an appropriate instrument you can borrow and use for the full duration of your introductory lessons ( Owners James and Jeanette Browne want to give you every tool you need to succeed in your quest to learn; having access to an instrument without the initial cost of buying one allows you to get a feel for the lessons and whether they are right for you. Once you decide to continue your lessons you can either rent or purchase an instrument from the CCOM at a discounted price.

The instrument lending option is a convenient service provided by the CCOM that allows you, as parent or student, to “test the waters” and ensure there’s a real commitment to taking lessons. It also helps you avoid becoming the owner of a music instrument you never use again. The option is even available to aspiring drummers; however, rather than send a cumbersome full drum kit home, the CCOM offers a free take-home drum pad and sticks on which to practice rhythm. Drummers also receive an extra half-hour in-studio practice session at no-charge following each lesson to provide maximum exposure to a full drum kit during the introductory lessons. The Conservatory has a convenient rent-to-own option that gives students access to a wide range of affordable quality drum kits.

With enrolment complete you will get instant access to the CCOM’s faculty of highly qualified music teachers (  To inquire about lessons, call 519 621 7999 or email Like them on Facebook (   

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