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Keyword Optimization Could be What is Hurting Your Rankings

Businesses often contact SEO companies like RankPop with questions about their website’s rankings. For one reason or another they have realized that their website is ranking much lower than it has in the past, and they cannot identify an immediate cause. They’re not doing anything blatantly negative or against the more obvious of Google’s guidelines, and they’re still working consistently on their SEO… but things still aren’t looking up for them.

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Top 5 Videos from Google’s SEO Guru, Matt Cutts

In the SEO world , there’s no bigger name than Matt Cutts, the Head of Webspam at Google (read: the leader of the SEO world.) Matt wears colorful t-shirts, polos, runs ultra marathons and is a genuinely nice guy. A few times a week he posts a new YouTube video on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel. He has amassed almost 18 hours of video spread over nearly 500 videos. Some of these videos are pretty detailed, technical and way over the average Joe’s head, but most of them offer excellent tips for search engine optimization beginners and small business owners. We’ve scoured the depths of YouTube to bring you 5 of the best of Matt Cutts videos.

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Devastating Local SEO Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

In recent weeks, this blog has focused a great deal on the concept of local SEO—and not without reason. Just consider some of these statistics: An astonishing 97 percent of all consumers search for local businesses on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Meanwhile, somewhere around 69 percent of all search queries are affected by geographic data or by the searcher’s location—and that number is only going up all the time. In other words: It is imperative for businesses to get local SEO right. This means knowing some of the most common local SEO mistakes, and how to avoid them.

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Redesigning Your Site? What You Need to Know for SEO

A redesign can be a great boom to a website, but only if it’s done with proper SEO in mind. If it’s neglected, even the redesign of a site with good SEO can end in disaster, with years’ worth of hard work flushed down the drain. Here are the different aspects of SEO to keep in mind during a redesign to preserve good SEO efforts that have already borne fruit.

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What Will Google Penguin 2.0 Mean For Website Content?

Ready or not…here it comes. Google’s Penguin 2.0 recently launched on May 22. Affectionately called the “Webspam” update, the newest Penguin on the prowl is dedicated to extermination of any SEO optimization for ranking that it doesn’t like (the “blackhat” stuff). What does this mean for us on the other side of Google? Some of the biggest pieces of the pie that Google is now geared to affect will include PageRank and website backlinks, among a slew of other things.

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SEO Writing And How It’s Changing Science Writing Online

As more and more science writing is done specifically for the web, the way science writers pen their stories is subtly and not-so-subtly changing. Writers are becoming increasingly conscious of search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media optimisation (SMO) for instance. And they are taking those into account as they write. Is this affecting science writing online for the better or worse? And does it matter at all?

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3 Ways to Avoid Keyword Misuse

Even if you’re new to the SEO industry you’re aware of the importance of keywords. They drive almost every part of an SEO strategy and our businesses wouldn’t survive long without them. Keywords are what the best search engine optimization companies use to tell search...

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