Good parents want what’s best for their children; so do all good educators responsible for teaching them. When it comes to ensuring your child’s educational success there is no better partnership than the one you form with his or her teacher. No one understands that better than the skilled music teachers at Toronto’s Yamaha Music School (

Research shows that children are more successful when there is frequent communication between parents and those who teach them ( At Yamaha Music School, teachers understand the importance of actually partnering with parents to help their children achieve their musical objectives. They encourage parents of children enrolled in private music lessons to start every term by establishing “SMART” goals – specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based goals. Clearly defining expectations before starting into the term’s lessons is the quickest way to ensure measurable results for the parents, the teachers and most important, the students.

The Yamaha Music Education System embraced by teachers at the school helps students develop musical skills through courses that teach using three fundamental principles ( First, the system emphasizes timely education, introducing music fundamentals at a time when a child’s hearing capabilities are rapidly developing. Secondly, it relies on group lessons that enable children to enjoy rich musical experiences and positive peer influences. Thirdly, it focuses on developing a child’s creative capabilities, helping them acquire and enhance sensitivity and imagination.

Whether your child is targeting guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, drum lessons, singing lessons or any of the myriad courses available, the Yamaha Music School believes the collaborative partnership between parents and teachers is critical to ensuring student success. Based on the number of successful students the school has turned out since being founded, it’s hard to argue with that approach.

When you are ready to bring the music in you alive, call the Yamaha Music School. To register, call 416-224-5590 or get music lessons on-line by visiting Yamaha Music School, 5057 Yonge Street, 10th Floor, Toronto, ON, M2N 6C6