When it comes to marketing a product or service, businesses are aware that having the top SEO strategies can be the difference between success and failure and this leads to SEO.com creating the top nine SEO strategies of 2011.

While there are no big breakthroughs on the list that haven’t been tried and tested before, many will find that those things that kept them successful in 2010 will remain on the top of the list for 2011. What surprises some is that a tried a true classic method like pay per click advertising continues to make the list year after year.

Pay per click advertising ranked seventh on the list of SEO strategies and is expected to continue to be successful through the new year. Even after all the years is has been around, it continues to produce leads to the website for those that utilize it.

2010 saw a rise in the way video marketing and social media impacted the sales of individuals and businesses and this is not expected to change for 2011. The number of people being directed to a product or service by way of a viral video is ranking at or near the number arriving through traditional search engines. Video marketing ranked number one for 2011.

Social media is the wave of the future and those who are keen on top SEO strategies will take full advantage. Using social media sites to drive traffic to websites was highly successful in 2010 and is expected to boom in 2011. It made number 2 on the list from the website.

Blogging and guest blogging rounded out the top 3 as a way to generate traffic and potentially increase sales. Most businesses either have a blog or do a guest blog on other popular blog sites as a means of advertisement for their product or service.

The remaining strategies on the list include conversion optimization, local search marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and content marketing.