For most SEO companies and SEO consultants Google is known for its simplistic approach. Seldom does Google change anything in their website. Users are usually treated to a simple website that allows the users to enter their search string or query and the search engine company would just return the results of the users’ search. This simplistic approach is still maintained by Google despite of the fact that they have recently added some improvement or changes in their website. The first change that the Google website has undergone is the redesigning of its logo. The logo before was just a plain colorful set of text which identifies the search engine giants’ company colors, today however an improved logo was released, it still maintains the color and of course the size and font type of the text, what is notable however is the incorporation of design properties such as a beveled characteristic and the incorporation of text shadows.

It was not only the Google logo that was updated by the search engine company, another update was that of the new results page in the Google website. When the results of your search are displayed, originally the web page is just a plain results page but now a new side bar is evident on the left side of the results page. The sidebar shows different links that will allow users to navigate through the different types of searches in Google. Different search features such as images, videos, books among others are now present in the sidebar as well as links for related searches and suggested searches.

SEO companies and SEO consultants believe that these changes coming from Google is an indication of more changes to come.

Especially so that they have acquired several small companies where some of which are experts in developing different widgets’ and other features that may boost the Google search engine.