Teaching kids self-discipline and self-esteem is a reason parents often site for enrolling kids in martial arts classes. The Cambridge Conservatory of Music (http://www.ccomusic.net) can boast the same end results with an added bonus: rather than simply knowing how to punch or kick, your child will learn to play an instrument!

Research indicates that both listening to and playing an instrument can stimulate your brain and actually increase the capacity of your memory. For example, results from a study on 22 children ages three and four showed that preschoolers who had weekly music lessons had 34% higher spatial-temporal skills than children who didn’t take lessons (http://brainconnection.positscience.com).

There are other benefits to enrolling at the Cambridge Conservatory of Music for music lessons (http://www.ccomusic.net/lessons1.html). Practicing music develops your self-discipline and organizational skills. It teaches you perseverance and enhances coordination. It can improve your mathematical ability, your reading and comprehension skills and sharpen your concentration. Music lessons provide an outlet for self-expression and help elevate your performance and social skills. Ultimately, consistently practicing your music can even enhance your respiratory system!

Whether your child is leaning toward piano lessons, electric or acoustic guitar, electric bass, violin, drums or vocal lessons, the Cambridge Conservatory of Music provides the perfect learning environment all in one conveniently located studio (http://www.ccomusic.net/new-students.html). The conservatory rooms are stocked with all the necessary gear to help students succeed, including: amps, stereos, electronic drum kits with pads, keyboards, pianos and more. All you need to bring is your own instrument. For those who want to try music lessons without having to invest in an instrument, the Cambridge Conservatory of Music offers a unique free instrument loan (excluding drums). This allows you to take home your instrument for the duration of your introduction period to decide is the instrument is for you.

With convenient month-to-month semesters and flexible lesson times, enrollment is easy at the Cambridge Conservatory of Music. Like them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CCOMusic).   


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