Google have unveiled a new update – codenamed ‘Caffeine’ – which seeks to deliver search results that are better, faster and more comprehensive. For SEO and website design companies, many of whom use Google as the measuring stick by which to judge their achievements, the implications of this change are enormous.

Google themselves have called this development “next-generation architecture”, and The Creare Group are determined to pull together and make the most of these changes for their exceptionally wide customer base. The suggestion is that the Caffeine update has a direct correlation with the search results that are returned from any user search – meaning huge consequences for any search engine optimisation firm.

It illustrates yet again the prominence of Google in the search world, in addition to showing just how important it is to stay informed of these up-to-the-minute technological advances. Although, with so many blogs on the net these days, many belonging to top industry experts, The Creare Group realise that this is easy to do with a little investment of time and effort, hence their ventures into the video blog market.

‘Caffeine’ has been described as a change that will fit ‘under the hood’ of the current Google infrastructure, making it virtually undetectable to most web users. It prompts further questions as to Yahoo and Microsoft’s new deal, written about by my colleague in detail last week, and how they will ever catch up technologically with Google. The new partnership might bring the two companies a 30% combined share of the search market, but this is still less than half of Google’s total, and with advances like these continually emerging, the likelihood of any significant catch-up seems further away than ever.

Despite Google’s typical vagueness on the subject of the Caffeine update, Matt Cutts concedes on his blog that there is no doubt about the fact that some of the search results will change. The Creare Group understand that this update might not be dramatic, but word of algorithm changes can always be a frightening time for companies whose business is reliant on search engines like Google.

This is why, by way of excellent customer and technical service, in addition to the levels of information provided on their website, The Creare Group is ensuring this change is as stress free as possible for their users. The content on their website increases on a daily basis – from blogs and articles to all new video blog tutorials, direct from expert web designers, SEO consultants and content writers, so whatever information you need, chances are you’ll find it on their site.

“At Creare we understand that staying abreast of technical changes such as the Google ‘Caffeine’ update is crucial, and we pride ourselves on passing our knowledge onto our customers. Our site is fast becoming a valuable resource for anyone interested in SEO, from the basics right through to the latest news and cutting-edge technology” Nick Rinylo, SEO Consultant.

So, the Google update seems to have plenty of relevance to the SEO and Website Design markets, and thus far, much of it seems positive. More accurate and comprehensive search results can only mean that reputable SEO firms using legitimate techniques like The Creare Group move even further ahead of the competition.