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5 Ways to Stop Missing Out On Seasonal Traffic

Christmas holidays are far gone, while St. Valentines and Easter are coming close — it's the right time to ask yourself if you're getting the most of seasonal organic traffic and how you could improve on that. In this post, I'll discuss five common reasons for your...

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SEO Tips for a Powerful LinkedIn Business Profile

With 500 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the most extensive professional network and among the best social media platforms to highlight your skills, discover opportunities and strengthen your business’s online reputation. You are probably asking yourself,...

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YouTube SEO Tips To Boost Your Video Views

Ranking your YouTube videos higher can be a real hassle especially if you do not know what to do. It’s not about just uploading your video, but it is about making your presence felt on YouTube. I’ve seen great videos failing to get better views due to poor SEO. There...

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What Is Black Hat Social Media & Does It Affect SEO?

You know about black hat search, now look at the impact this emerging practice may be having on rankings. Black hat social media is emerging quickly and spawning a new era of web spam. This affects the social media sites themselves, the users, and the businesses...

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How Brands Should Use Social Media

Many people don’t think of YouTube as a “social media” platform. They think of it primarily as a place to watch videos. But people are drawn to online video often because they can interact with the creators in ways that they can’t on television. For you, as the online...

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What Is Social Content Marketing?

The social era of marketing has created a situation in which a substantially “heavy” piece of content, such as an extensive white paper, has the same potential to win over a consumer as a 140 character (or less) Tweet. It’s time to start treating social messages with the same level of consideration as any other type, particularly since social networks enable brands to share content faster, and connect with relevant prospects in a personalized, interactive manner.

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Top 5 YouTube SEO Secrets Revealed

YouTube results claiming the #2 and #3 ranks in Google search for “how to tie a tie” Some mind boggling YouTube Stats to get you in the mood: - 800 million unique monthly users - 4 billion+ videos are viewed every day - The amount of video uploaded to YouTube in one...

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How social media effects SEO

We all know that social media is important to your marketing strategy. As social media continues to grow and more time is spent maintaining sites, it is important to understand that social media is more than just a branding tool. Social Media Signals There is no doubt...

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LinkedIn the best at visitor-to-lead conversions

A recent study from HubSpot revealed that far and away, LinkedIn was the most effective social media platform for generating visitor-to-lead conversions, Social Media Today reports. Specifically, LinkedIn had a 2.6 percent conversion rate – far outpacing both Twitter...

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Facebook Timeline gives big boost in social engagement for brands

So far 8 million brands have migrated their page to the new Timeline design. This is roughly a quarter of all the brands currently on the network, which helped Facebook in the face of the inevitable criticism that always greets major changes. Pages that have not already change their layout will automatically move to Timeline at the end of this month.

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