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Facebook Timeline gives big boost in social engagement for brands

So far 8 million brands have migrated their page to the new Timeline design. This is roughly a quarter of all the brands currently on the network, which helped Facebook in the face of the inevitable criticism that always greets major changes. Pages that have not already change their layout will automatically move to Timeline at the end of this month.

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Facebook Brand Page Timeline Checklist

Starting March 30th, all Facebook brand pages and profile pages will be switching to the new timeline format. Some brands have already made the change but, if you haven’t, here’s a handy checklist of items you need to be aware of and fix before the change takes place

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SEO should be used with content and social media

“SEO should not be seen as a stand-alone discipline, but now needs to be fully immersed in the communications strategy with content development and ideation as the key output agencies are tasked with. It must now be fully integrated with social media, be content led and must have the consumer at its very heart.”

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How Social Media can boost your SEO

Search engines such as Google use complex algorithms to determine which pages aught to feature on at the top of the search results. These algorithms are perpetually changing so that manipulating them remains almost impossible. However, by implementing key elements of SEO and utilising social media – your brand is likely to see tangible results.

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How Best to Invest in SEO NOW

The days of mass search engine and directory submissions are over. Google are fed up of people chasing their algorithm and are pushing even harder towards rewarding Authors of well-written and structured content.

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Lies Writers Tell To Cripple Your SEO Copywriting

Even the newest of SEOs and marketers understand how important content is to developing a brand presence. Your content is who you are. It’s your voice in the market and what you use to convey your message to customers. It’s through the combination of your Web site copy, your blog, your article marketing, your pitches, and your social updates that you reach prospective customers and turn them on until they become full-blown customers. There’s just one problem.

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Google search now includes personalised results

The same search with the personal touch brings forth the site of our favorite local pizza place, followed by several recently researched Italian recipes. The results from the two different Google platforms are profoundly different.

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SEO is Both Science and Art

More often than not, the craft of SEO is truly a unique practice. It’s is often misunderstood and can be painfully difficult to staff for. Here’s why.

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SEO Playbook For 2012

Search Engine Optimization is growing up. I am not ready to say the Wild West SEO days are completely eradicated, but in 2011 good search engine optimization is less about trickery and more about engaging content and audience development than ever before. Over the...

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WordPress SEO Setup 101

SEO Slugs (free) does the job of removing unnecessary words from page slugs without you having to do anything at all. It won’t change any slugs that are already set on your site, so no need to worry about missing pages.

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