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65% of online adults use social networking sites

However, while young adults have consistently been the most likely to use social networking sites, internet users in other age groups have seen faster rates of growth in recent years. In the past two years, social networking site use among internet users age 65 and older has grown 150%, from 13% in April 2009 to 33% in May 2011. Similarly, during this same time period use by 50-64 year-old internet users doubled—from 25% to 51%.

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Snakes and Ladders of Search Engine Optimisation

If an SEO company provides an article for you. You should ask the question, are they Australian, English or US native speakers and do they have a portfolio of work you can review. After all its your brand they are writing about. The average cost of a writer in Australia to create a 250 word article is around $150- $500 depending on how much research is needed.

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The Role of On-Page SEO Content

Of course, a few years back there was the notion of Google (or link) bombing, where SEOs ran some experiments to make irrelevant pages rank for various search queries solely through implementing lots of links to a web page using a target keyphrase. Search engines have mostly solved this problem.

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9 Essential SEO Tips For Small Business In 2011

The end of a decade is upon us and as we ring in and welcome the new year, we do so by building upon what we have accomplished and hopes of achieving our new goals we have set forth. Social media has broken down the communication barriers and helped to pave the way for small businesses to emerge and thrive. While we continue to see growth amongst users within social media, we cannot overlook the power of search engine optimization and getting found.

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5 SEO Techniques to Kill the Bounce Rate

Almost 55% of all websites that are launched for attracting and realizing business goals on the web suffer from a killing bounce rate, which ultimately forces them off the table. SEO services, even when sourced from a great online SEO firm and at the best price available, can often ignore bounce rates and thus impair the whole purpose of the campaign.

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