One of the biggest marketing and SEO tools on the online market today when it comes to promoting your business and website is Google My Business. Many businesses can add their business listing (or see if a customer requested it to be added), and then one must claim it in order to take advantage of the full features it Google My Business has to offer. But many people make a lot of mistakes when it comes to proper SEO tactics when it comes to your business listing. Others think that black hat SEO practices can help get your listing viewed more.


Not only that, but many business owners think they can just “list their name” and business name on there and it’ll all take care of itself. This isn’t exactly the case. However, when it comes to paying other companies to “get on Google”, do know that you don’t need to buy your GMB (Google My Business) listing from them (or their services). Some people do pay other companies and freelancers to do this however, simply because they don’t want to take the time required to list their business. In these regards, it is understandable, but be wary of prices and don’t let someone’s SEO package go higher than a national average in your area.

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Remember that Google My Business is completely free of charge. Google has never, and probably will never charge you to list your business on their search engine. There are certain rules to follow for Google My Business to enhance white hat SEO practices.

What if Someone Claims My Business?

From time to time, businesses get claimed by Google by other people. Don’t just let it slide, but at the same time, remember not to stress too much. It’s a pretty easy process to re-verify that you are the owner of your business, as well as help you on Google Maps with “Business Spamming”, which can also affect other items like phones, tablets, etc. If you notice that there are duplicate listings of your businesses, you can always change it.


Sometimes Google will suspend your listing, but you can investigate the reasons why (Google doesn’t warn you because their algorithms don’t care) and repair your business listing. Don’t for get to completely fill out all correct information fields for your Google My Business page. By doing this, you can ensure that your listing can bring you more customer, and it also helps to pair y our website to your business listing as well.

To get the most out of it, utilize all of Google My Business’ features in order to fully get your name out there, and entice customers to come visit something (like your website for example). This will help your company thrive.


When it comes to Google Business, be sure to respond to users, answer questions in comments, and more so you can fully utilize all of the features available to you. Don’t forget there are also plenty of support documents on Google online and you can ensure that you are fully functional and successful booth on and offline.