The term “you are what you eat” can be applied to more than simply humans.  What you feed your lawn on a daily and annual basis determines its overall health. No one knows more about feeding your lawn a proper diet than the lawn care and landscaping experts at Turf King (

It’s generally understood that developing a healthy lawn requires you to use a quality fertilizer. The professionals at Turf King know that not all fertilizers are created equal. The major goal of an effective lawn care management program is to produce an attractive turf that is healthy and able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Fertilization is one of the most fundamental components of a proper management program, as fertilizer contributes to your lawn’s colour, density, thickness and growth. Properly fertilized lawns have a better chance of competing with weeds, fighting cinch bugs and grubs and recovering faster from environment stresses faster than unfertilized lawns. The question is, “what is the best fertilizer to use?”

Turf King suggests there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a fertilizer program for your lawn. These include knowing which minerals are required for proper turf growth and development, understanding the fertility of the soil, knowing the species of grass being grown, having knowledge of the environmental conditions effecting growth and developing an effective application schedule. Turf King addresses these factors with a variety of different fertilization programs  (

Even more important is the fact Turf King only uses the best fertilizers ( Turf King fertilizers contain organic kelp supplement to supply essential plant hormones and micronutrients. All their fertilizers are 75 percent slow release products, compared to 40 percent for brand names like Scott’s or CIL Golfgreen. Slow release fertilizers make it easier on you because there is less watering and maintenance. Even in the heat of summer you won’t need to water your fertilizer into your lawn.

Feed your lawn a healthy diet: call the Turf King at 905.318.6677