You Are What You Eat: Stories about Food in Modern Times by David DeRocco is a reproducible book that includes engaging stories  relating to modern food issues and food production. The stories are written at an intermediate level. The book covers a broad range of compelling topics including: food labels, nanotechnology and food, food allergies, food borne illnesses, Type 2 diabetes, factory farming, BMI (Body Mass Index), pesticides and food, pollinator decline, seed banks, agricultural monoculture, water, globalization of food, food preservatives, obesity, famine, factory food, new food pyramid, organic food, fast food, slow food, white whole wheat, genetically modified foods (GMO), good” vs. “bad” carbs, and nutraceuticals.  Each unit is complimented by a variety of exercises covering most skill areas.


  • Publisher: Full Blast Productions
  • by David DeRocco
  • ISBN 1895451-60-4
  • 155 Pages
  • Intermediate to Advanced Grade Six to Adult