Climb the Search Engine Ranking Ladder for Better Local Online Visibility

SEO has taken a big change since the early days when it was easy to rank high for just about anything, but with the new Google

algorithms, changes have brought local SEO into the market place. Small businesses are discovering people who are searching for their products and services online versus the old traditional ways.

Those old ways of small businesses not caring too much about their online visibility has made many businesses rethink their approach. Businesses are understanding that the customer is now looking to find what they want by using the search engines and realizing that they need to make that move of showing up at the top of the search results if they want to compete locally.

Now, with the tools and resources available, all local small businesses have the opportunity to optimize their website for better traffic results, making sales, and gaining more clients. Plus, the growth of mobile device usage has just snowballed this search thing into a whole new world.

Everyone and anyone can have a phone with internet access, giving them the ability to search on the go as they are looking for your products or services. Review sites, such as Yelp and Google Reviews, just to name a few, are allowing people to rate services based on their experiences.

Instead of leaving you wondering how you can implement local SEO for your business, here are four ways of building your local SEO marketing to massively grow your business:

1. Local Visibility

When building your business’s market strategy, one of the things you should consider is submitting your business profile to 45 of the top profile sites. These sites include Yelp, Manta, Yellow Pages, and other high-profile websites. Doing this will help make local listings of your business for search engines.

When you create a profile on one of these sites, your listing will show up in the search engines within one to four weeks, depending upon how often the search engine is updated. If you can dominate the top 45 spot for your brand and service, then you’re creating local visibility for your business.

2. Higher Conversion Strategies

Local SEO should be crafted so that it can reach all sorts of potential customers who might be searching for your services. You should create content on your website that reflects what people are typing in. To get a good idea of what people might be searching for regarding your business, try using the new and improved Google Planner via Google’s Ad Words. This Google service allows you to search for terms in your local market, helping you build a better SEO strategy.

3. Online Reputation

If you want to build your brand, developing an online reputation is a necessity that can’t be stressed enough. Providing good content about you and your business is a great place to start for accomplishing this. Current and potential customers saying good things about you and your business, especially online, will help your business achieve higher sales rates without having to hard-sell people on why they should use your product or services.

The reputation you build with others will travel by word of mouth, creating an unofficial marketing team. The good words these happy customers will pass on will be enough to close more and more deals.

4. Do You Socialize?

While some people may spend too much unproductive time on social media, it’s a great place to build your brand on a local level.

Why? The reasoning here is because most of your customers are hanging out there. One of the best things you can do for your business’s marketing is to build relationships with people on Facebook and Twitter. As you build your following, you can start marketing directly to them.

People are more likely to do something for you if they know you, so when you have a good base of online followers and you’re running a promotion, you may have the opportunity to ask these followers to spread the word for you. This will build local word of mouth which, in turn, will help maximize your local visibility.