An oft-quoted African proverb suggests “it takes a village to raise a child.”

The inference is that it takes more than one person and many different life experiences to help a child reach his or her full potential as an adult. You could apply that same principle when talking about raising a musician. Reinforcing a student’s life-long commitment to musical excellence is one of the primary goals of Toronto’s Yamaha Music School 

Learning the fundamentals of music and instrumentation is a lot different than learning how to shoot a puck or dribble a basketball. The lessons involved in learning bass scales, guitar chords, drum beats, bowing techniques and other such musical necessities taught in Yamaha Music School courses take an ongoing commitment to practice – consistent, repetitive practice. Unlike activities where children may or may not be able to practice outside of their lesson time, learning music is a focused activity that takes place slowly every day. As parents know, sometimes a child needs subtle “encouragement” to follow through on such potentially mundane responsibilities.

With that reality in mind, teachers at Yamaha Music School encourage both parents and related family members to be part of the support mechanism for students pursuing their musical passions. That support could take on many forms; it might be as simple as reminding a student to practice daily, or driving a student to school for lessons. It could also mean sitting patiently through a less than perfect violin practice session held in the family living room. All support becomes part of a family life-long commitment to help a budding musician reach his or her potential.

The Yamaha Music School offers a variety of innovative music lessons and classes from beginner through advanced for children, teens and adults. Classes are offered in two sessions throughout the school year from September to June. When you are ready to bring the music in you to life, call the Yamaha Music School. To register, call 416-224-5590. For more information, visit