Music lessons can foster dreams of a musical career. One of the big hurdles facing young musicians striving to fulfill their dreams is overcoming the natural anxiety that occurs when performing live for an audience the very first time. Delivering that performance in a comfortable, nurturing environment is one of the key elements of study for students enrolled with the Cambridge Conservatory of Music (

As a regular part of its curriculum the Cambridge Conservatory of Music hosts two annual recitals featuring students from the school’s various programs ( The collective of aspiring musicians is encouraged to showcase their talents and level of development through a live performance, often accompanied by Conservatory teachers. It’s an important step in the learning process that exposes students to the nuances of live performance.

The most recent example occurred in March, when the Cambridge Conservatory of Music hosted its 2014 Spring Recital at the Calvary Assembly on Hespeler Road ( The two hour recital showcased a variety of musical entertainment, including piano, drums, guitar, violin, vocals and duets with teachers. The collaborative concert saw students perform like seasoned musicians to an appreciative audience of parents, families, friends and curious music lovers. As always, the Conservatory’s fifth annual concert was a professionally executed affair, featuring full stage, sound crew and lighting to replicate all the elements of a true live concert.

The recital is a benefit of the CCOM’s monthly membership at no extra cost to the participants. The atmosphere is designed to be supportive, with things like dress codes and introductions being kept informal throughout the event.  The school recognizes that it’s never easy getting up on stage, which is why the primary objective of the recitals is to teach students the fun of live performance.

CCOM owners James and Jeanette Browne would like to send out a big note of thanks and appreciation to all the students who participated and performed so well during this year’s first recital. Even bigger thanks go out to the parents and supporters whose enthusiastic applause helped calm the nerves of recital performers and make the day one for all to remember.

To inquire about music lessons, call the Cambridge Conservatory of Music: 519 621 7999. Or email

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