The Vocabulary Diet series, written by DAVID DeROCCO, includes three books. Each ESL textbook includes 30 reproducible units, with 5 new vocabulary words studied in each. Each unit in these ESL materials begins by studying the dictionary definitions of five words. Then three sample sentences are given for each word to show the words used in context. ESL students are then given five definitions per word and the students must circle the correct meaning. The ESL class then works on a series of exercises to ensure new vocabulary is understood and remembered. There is a complete Answer Key.

Unlike diets that help you take it off, The Vocabulary Diet helps you add on. It helps you add on new vocabulary words to your students’ language repertoires. You will teach ESL students new words that they will be able to use with precision and confidence.


  • Publisher: Full Blast Productions
  • by David DeRocco
  • ISBN 1895451-44-2
  • 60 Pages
  • Intermediate and Advanced Grade 7 to Adult